Miranda – 山慕

On monday, driving through an unexpected grove of Eucalyptus I took a deep breath, and was repaid by about the same amount of eucalyptus scent, and a lot more of the taxi drivers body odour.

Welcome to the city! I’ve been in Kunming all week, ticking things off the list of ‘essential things that can’t be purchased in Ji Xiang’ which included such things as ‘real shoe polish’ and ‘a bass’. I’m pleased to announce that all things on the list are present and accounted for. It’s been a busy week! I can’t write much now, as I have to go catch a train back up to Lijiang, but wanted to post a piece.

It’s not finished. (of course!) but I’ve been listening to it so much I can no longer hear the parts I want to change. Do any other digital artists have thoughts on this? How can you keep your mind fresh for these works, while listening to them so repeatedly that they end up feeling like finished recorded tracks?

It’s a new world for me.

It’s based off the straight yet rambling lines of small scale farming, and a field recording of the goats that walk through them twice every day.IMG_20150301_161325 The internet is out at our studio at the moment, but hopefully we’ll be back online soon! m.


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