Leagues of Breaking Light fundraiser – Naima

Hi folks!

This year is the year for my big work from China, Leagues of Breaking Light.

I just presented it at the Ecoacoustics Congress in Brisbane, Australia, which was wonderful. I’m presenting it again at the Gender Diversity in Music Making Conference in Melbourne, Australia next week. I’m also presenting it live at Melbourne Fringe Festival in September.

AND I’m releasing it as a multi-media album! I’m running a fundraising campaign to make this album to become a reality – which ends in TWO DAYS! ! I’m so humbled with everbody’s generosity so far. I’m aiming as high as possible. If we raise 100% of my goal, I can pay the recording musicians and engineer. If we raise more than 100%, I can start to finance mastering the album, producing the other sections (e.g. artist-quality image files, etc), and distribution. Please have a look, share it with friends, and donate whatever you can if you can. It’s also TAX DEDUCTIBLE (for Australians) and ends on the last day of financial year, Saturday 30th June!



More details on Leagues of Breaking Light soon.