Tilde residency ~ day 15, 16 & 17

Happy New Year! Today was the first of 2 workshop/rehearsals before my work is shown at Tilde’s Festival day here at Testing Grounds this Saturday 19th January.

[I did have a day 14 blog post saved from last year until this-morning when I went to post it, but the internet ate it instead.]

I’m so lucky to have 3 awesome musicians performing my work:

Sage Pbbbt on vocals, Katherine Philp on cello, and Carl Rosman on clarinets.

This also means that thanks to the input of Sage, Katherine and Carl today, decisions have been made on how some of all my work is going to be read as scores!

I’ve finished the profile strata/growth form map which I’m pretty excited about – although I’m not sure how it can look so simple when it was such a lot of work! :/ [Apologies for average photos today; I left my proper camera at home.]


Top: 3rd (of 4) panel of original draft; bottom: half-drawn final copy.


Top: 3rd (of 4) panel of original draft, coloured; bottom: finished final copy.

20190116_201551cropped adjusted

Final work (all 4 panels), coloured. 120cm long.


green = trees and shrubs – Voice/Sage’s main sound
deep pink = herbs – Bass clarinet/Carl’s main sound
dark orange = vines – all to play – lush and rich sound
dark blue = grasses – Cello/Katherine’s main sound
peach = bamboos – all to play – airy and hollow sound
brown = palms – all to play – spiky sound
yellow = clumping herbs – all to play – following the shape of the plant (a cone balanced on its point), dynamic shape small to big.

I’m sorry to those who wanted a more novel way of reading it, but this one I’m afraid is read left-to-right, and is a time-based score – 8 minutes to be exact.

The little strip garden, a birds-eye view species map, will be a duo with cello and clarinet. I assigned a chromatic pitch to the plants just in the order I recorded them on the map in; i.e. 1 = A, 2 = A#, etc. through to 16. Then I re-did the map with the note names instead of the numbers. It’s also time-based, and also being read left to right.


The 3 circle gardens are going to be performed as solos by one person per garden, with completely free interpretation, but they will happen at the same time/overlapping. Tomorrow I have to make the good copies of them – the drafts are VERY messy and small!

And finally, we decided that each person will interpret a couple of the plant samples I took last time I was here as a miniature – up to 1 minute per sample. I’m particularly impressed with this succulent which has not only stayed alive but grown a whole new shoot and some little rootlets in its 5 weeks in a bag in the semi-dark between my 2 residency portions! I believe Katherine will be playing this little one. 🙂


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