A wobbly peek around the Studio

Happy International Wom*n’s Day!

Here’s some footage I took yesterday morning, about 11am local time.

I am so excited that there are 2 house/barn swallow Hirundo rustica nests under the eaves that they’re coming to fix up and use again! I know they’re the most common swallows in the world – but having the opportunity to watch any birds nest and care for their young close-up is fascinating, they don’t live anywhere that I normally do, and they have such a beautiful voice and range of calls. I’m definitely going to transcribe their voices for instruments.

Some people have been asking what it looks like where we’re living. So I’ve done a little 360° view around our courtyard as well.

Apologies for my wobbly handheld skills! My recorder has better sound than visual quality, and I am no cinematographer.


2 thoughts on “A wobbly peek around the Studio

  1. What a stunning place! Dudu is gorgeous and so are the swallows. Reminded me of this one time I was staying in Tassie and there was a swallow nest outside the door under an eave with baby birds in it. On the day I was leaving the last baby flew out of the nest. So precious!

    • Hi Eli, hope you’re happy and well.

      Dudu’s name means roly-poly and she is half Saint Bernard and half random village dog. She’s gorgeous and she’s famous in the village for loving her family and all the Studio visitors instantly and unconditionally, but terrifying anybody else who comes on “her patch”.

      Your swallow story is so lovely and I hope that we have a similar experience. I’m going to wait until they’re really settled in before I drag a chair over and have a proper look inside. They’re adding more to it as I write. Spring!

      Take care, Naima.

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