Small Mountain is a 2016 “Two to Three 二到三” Residency Finalist!

Guess what? Miranda got into the finalists for this great residency opportunity in Xiàmén, Fújiàn. I don’t envy the panel deciding which 2 or 3 artists will go out of this bunch, they all sound super-interesting! Check out the finalists list and project proposals here.

Thanks as always to China Residencies for being awesome and the backbone of support for artists-who-wanna-make-art-in-China.

Good luck Miranda!

Naima ~ Qíng Nà Mǎ ~ 晴 纳 玛


China Residencies Interview!

Hello everyone! The incredible China Residencies (who linked us up with Lijiang Studio) has done an artist profile on us recently. Head over to their website to check it out:

Apologies to all those who came to look at the last post only to find it was password protected expression of interest materials. Hopefully you enjoy this interview and keep keeping your ear to the ground – we are still doing residency-related stuff and will be into spring 2017.

Naima ~ Qíng Nà Mǎ ~ 晴 纳 玛