Tilde residency ~ day 13

My 2nd last day here until January – and I finally finished mapping all the veg. I’ve done the 2 mapping styles: birds-eye view with species level classification; and profile view with growth habit classification. I feel all this should have been done within a few days but oh well.

Figuring out where the ends of each grid square were on the diagonal was a bit hard but I got there, again, the simple way (pace it out, divide it up), after trying to complex way (visualise where the grid square lines went and then bisect the imaginary lines to look diagonally across them – ugh!). Here’s today’s effort:

Three accuracy challenges I set myself for the profile mapping:

1) Drawing the outline of a tree when you’re not drawing every single branch and leaf just ends up making them look more like corals and other not very tree-like shapes. But I made myself just draw what I saw first time and move on.

2) I wasn’t allowed to cross-check the scale – so a tree that was much taller than the fence might be drawn the same size as another tree further along that was only a bit taller than the fence.

3) I’m definitely not allowed to go back and check and change anything. What I did is what I have.

I also took this photo of me working at the mapping table yesterday and forgot to put it in:


I just don’t have that much to say because yesterday and today I’ve been tasking not thinking.

But only 1 of the people reading this (and I know you do – wordpress gives me stats!) has commented with any ideas of how to make my map-scores readable music in live-time yet. So the rest of you – please do!

I think since I have these separate sections I’m going to try a few different methods. So I’ll end up with a collection of works: 2 long veg strips (profile); 3 circle gardens (bird’s eye); and 1 short simple veg strip (bird’s eye). It would be lovely to present them all on a single map even if they also exist as separate scores for the musicians to read. The map

That’s it for today. Tomorrow’s bump-out. I’m tired!