Tilde residency ~ day 12

I passed something really important on my way in today – kids striking for climate change action. It was really the most inspiring and hopeful thing I have witnessed in a long time and if only we could get the decision-making in their hands, we might be in with a chance.

Tilde’s publicity intern Elise came in and had a chat with me about my project.

I started doing a colour-coded version of the profile growth-habit classified map I did yesterday:




I had a brain fail about how to work out the lengths of the diagonal line across the grid squares for the last bit of mapping. A friend started doing some trigonometry for me until we figured out that I could use a ruler. Genius!!


So the paper’s all ruled up ready for me to do the last mapping tomorrow.

And these folks have been setting up for an event here tonight:

They tell stories to 1 person at a time inside the tiny caravan.

I’m off to a fungi and mycology-centred event that’s part of Why Listen To Plants?

Achieved some but not everything I mentioned yesterday, but I’ll do the rest tomorrow.


One thought on “Tilde residency ~ day 12

  1. Wow Naima, its been so inspiring to read your daily entries. You are very focused, and getting through it brilliantly. Big pat on the back for you.. Its also been good hearing about visitors and other people in the space who you’ve been in contact with. What a rich experience!
    Lots of good wishes flying your way. Keep up the fab work and don’t forget to rest too! xxooxx

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