Who are Fine Fine Small Mountain?

P1080238Fine Fine Small Mountain is a collaboration between composer Naima Fine, and musician Miranda Hill. Their work focuses on issues of nature and the environment, taking cues from history and shining a light on unsung heroes and everyday people of the past.

Naima is a composer and ecologist, and has written for projects as varied as film and circus, and from gypsy tunes to contemporary classical music. For more information, please click here.

Miranda is a classical double bassist, whose interests vary to experimental music, new classical music, improvisation, music on found instruments and championing the music of female and minority composers. For more information, please click here.

Their music takes inspiration from minimalism, but is solidly in the modern world, with multi-media performances, graphic scores, videos, and site specific installations constantly being dreamed up. Fine Fine Small Mountain have performed together in Brisbane, Lismore, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Beijing, and Lijiang.



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