Tilde residency ~ day 4

2:45pm: A small day so far. I’ve done some admin. It’s rained a fair bit, and I’m just making up enlarged grid squares for separate sections of the site so I can survey them in detail. The next few days all have rain predicted; it’s going to be hard to survey well in the rain (anyone got waterproof paper?) but right now I’m not exactly sure what else I can do in the meantime. The surveying seems the next step. Ah well, we’ll see.

My lovely friend Nat Grant visited … we didn’t workshop my work as much as we *should* have, but they did suggest that perhaps the final map-score could be less unwieldy (more wieldy?) if I broke it up into movements based on sections of vegetation. I’ll think on that. The idea didn’t leap out at me as a lightbulb moment, but it’s definitely worth pondering a bit. More visits from others tomorrow.

Also tomorrow (Friday 23rd Nov 2018) 6-9pm is fellow Testing Grounds and science/arts mash-up artist Andrea Rassell’s exhibition opening, Wildly Oscillating Molecules of Unanticipated Momentum. She does moving image research and microcinematography. Check out her stuff at www.hellosynaesthesia.com

6:00pm: Ok so I finished the enlarged grid square outlines. There’s 42 of them, and each represents 6 square metres. Onsite, some of them only have strips of veg but some are completely covered with green. I guess, at a very rough calculation of my map, there’s 17 full grid squares of veg, so that’s 102 square metres of surveying. Oh, that doesn’t even include the moveable pot-plants. And there’s about 70 odd species.

So this is where I wonder at the feasibility of my idea. And how can I change it to be a practical size, and still a satisfying project? Obvious answer is just don’t do all the veg, just pick a few bits. It seems so easy but it doesn’t sit easy conceptually!

It stopped raining, so I started mapping one of the simplest sparsest sections – over by the 2 pianos near the big wall: IMG_2093

That little strip, from the wall to the gate, has more than 16 species! I didn’t plot every one; there are so many tiny weeds I kind-of arbitrarily mapped some and not others. Already INACCURATE! Here are the 16 I mapped:

And here is my map that I messed up even in this most simple strip of veg:

On the other hand, I can see the basic process to make this section into a piece. Which is encouraging! Enlarge it, replace each number with a note or sound gesture, make it time-based e.g. the whole piece is 2 minutes long, so 1 minute per 6 metres/grid square, and read left to right. So that’s something.


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