Tilde residency ~ day 2

This is a day I’d rather not publicise, but transparency calls!

Not very productive.

1) I dawdled.

2) I slept on the floor.

3) A huge storm. I recorded a film of the water dripping under my studio door. It was really cool to watch in real life, just focusing on a tiny little section of water with drips and bubbles and a tiny pool getting bigger. But it’s a pretty low quality film and the rain just sounds like white noise.

4) I researched the botanical names of the 53 plant species I have so far as best I can. They are tabulated.

5) The traffic is so loud. All the trucks carrying all the loads that can’t go directly through the city go right by me instead. I’ve seen removal trucks, semis, 2 x cut-in-half-demountables, trucks carrying cars. So loud.

That’s all. No photos. No sounds created or recorded yet. But it’s percolating; I’ll start to find my way soon.


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