Tiny Critters! – 山慕

There’s been a fair amount of action in the tiny critter department around here…

First up, a tiny snake! So small that Jay picked it up with chopsticks. Poor panicked snake, hiding under our couch.

Then: Tiny birds! The swallows in our courtyard seem to have abandoned their nest and all their eggs, which is very sad. However: the swallows in the other courtyard have tiny swallows packed into their tiny nest! So many birds, so little space.

THEN! a large spider fell off the wall when Naima was trying to get it out of her room, and she dropped baby spiders everywhere. It was quite dramatic. I was no staying well clear of the scene, and hence have no photos. To quote Naima: “Babies!! … … … babies… oh no…”

And tonight, Naima found a toad, and brought it inside to show it the wonders of research tools on the internet. The toad was so impressed it weed in her hand.

That’s it for tonight. 🙂


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