Photo post, the elders of Ji Xiang. – 山慕

Forgive me, readers, for it has been weeks since my last blog post. Our internet has been out, and the electricity, and I’ve been busy doing things and not writing about them. Oops.

So here’s a series of catch up posts! Weeks ago was the ‘old peoples festival’ (Who knows what it’s really called, the 16yo of our family called it that… He also made “old people potatoes” for dinner on his birthday. They’re super soft and mushy. 😉 ) It’s 3 days where all the old folks of the village get together in the seniors centre and have lunch and dinner provided for them. The sit, eat, gossip, play mahjong, play other card games, eat some more, gossip some more and laugh a lot. The first day the grandparents from our host family were all dressed up, but by the time I went on the 3rd day they were back to daily clothes.

I asked Anai if we could come and take photos of people, and she agreed instantly. Everyone wanted their portrait! We were very welcomed, apart from when Dudu escaped our courtyard and came to join us…

It’s a lovely part of the importance of community in Naxi culture and in Ji Xiang. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone pitches in to help when required. It is the sort of community I would like to live in one day.


2 thoughts on “Photo post, the elders of Ji Xiang. – 山慕

    • Hi Susan!

      Great to hear from you! It is pretty amazing here. Village life is such a rich microcosm of society, as I’m sure you know!

      How are things? Has everyone recovered from the big wedding? and congratulations on your second grandchild! She’s a beauty. 🙂


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