Lìjiāng Studio, Week 1! – Miranda

Grandfather taking a rest from working in the field, and the suckling pig happily grazing.

Grandfather taking a rest from working in the field, and the suckling pig happily grazing.


We’re here! Safely ensconced in the welcoming kitchen of the He family.



Fireworks, village style.

It’s Chinese New Year, and spring festival season, so the festivities have been as raucous as the fireworks. People sitting around the fire, drinking firewater, talking, reminiscing, eating, more eating, tea, more firewater, more fireworks, more laughing, more mahjong, and more guests arriving with more gifts.

From an art creating perspective, the studio is amazing. We have the time and space to create and experiment, and we’re surrounded by Naxi culture, music, and the most loving family. However: it’s so comfortable that it’s hard to remember we’re not on holiday, and to get some stuff done before a head pokes into our courtyard and shouts: “Chi fan!”

A lot of our work here will be about, and defined by, translation. Translation of Naxi culture through a western and Han Chinese lens, translation of language, translation of landscapes to music, translation between cultures. We’ve already experienced conversations that transcend language barriers and some dance moves that need no words.

I don’t have a bass just yet, so here’s a small piece on banjo… inspiration taken from the ponies walking home, strung in a line; the water in the lake, and the ever-present mountains. It’s not much, but it’s a start!


Dudu, the ever faithful family dog leading the way to the lake.

Happy New Year! – Miranda.


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