OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to the website for Fine Fine Small Mountain, please click on the links to find out more about Naima Fine, Miranda Hill, or Fine Fine Small Mountain. Fine Fine Small Mountain is currently on hiatus, while Naima and Miranda pursue an array of exciting solo projects.

If you are looking for information on our third Australian show, Leagues of Breaking Light (Melbourne; September 2018), email Naima on

If you’re looking for information on our second Australian show, 和 家 的 故 事 Hé Jiā de Gùshì – Hé family stories (Brisbane, Lismore and Sydney; May 2016), please click here.

If you are looking for information on our first Australian show, 翻译山 FānYìShān – Translating Mountains (Melbourne; November 2015), please click here.



  1. Wow, such a beautiful stark winter landscape inspiring & creating a learning for you Aussie sponges! I’m in NZ now & living & loving life as only a new place can bring, opening my eyes, discarding the old unwanted unuseful energies & embracing the water, women & rejuventation of the many muses around me. Lots of love & inspiration xxx annie

  2. Ahoj !! How’s it going ? Wow what a lovely and interesting site you’ve got here. I had to get a new WeChat account upon arrival in Shanghai and my gmail won’t let me access my email to find Naima’s address. So this is the only way I could contact ya-all. Please find me on WeChat i.d WoomzFig or Awomadah fig. Hope all is well for you both. xo

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